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16 Apr 2022

Traditionally, Azerbaijani wedding ceremonies take place over a period of 40 times. The wedding service is often followed by a “uzechikhdi” commemoration, which is an end of absence ceremony. It is a ceremony that delivers the new bride into the fresh family. In wealthy tourists, the wedding ceremony may last for three or four evenings. In poorer families, it is a one-day affair.

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In ancient situations, Azerbaijani weddings often took place in two different sites. One of the celebrations took place inside the bride’s home and the additional was held in the groom’s property. The wedding service would usually start with a bath-house formal procedure, followed by a food.

The ceremony could possibly be religious or perhaps secular. It may also occur during a different day. The bride’s family is responsible for buying household items in the couple’s new home. Additionally it is the family that decides within the date from the wedding.

The Azerbaijani wedding ceremony generally includes dancing. The formal procedure may also range from the ritual of henna smearing. The groom’s family will choose the bride’s charms. They will also purchase her clothing. The dowry involves household items such as home furniture and outfits. The groom’s family will usually go to the bride’s home to validate that she is married.

The wedding ceremony ceremony is normally followed by a reception that includes salads and meats. It also includes classic Azerbaijani dishes. A few of the guests consider turns to sit up coming to the newly the wife and hubby for photographs.



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